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Jill Amadio

Thank you for visiting my web site. As you will see from my Biography Page, I am an author, collaborator, ghostwriter and journalist.


My latest book, “Digging Up the Dead,” is the second in the Tosca Trevant mystery series. It features a grumpy Cornishwoman banished to California who begins to solve murders to earn her way back to her beloved Cornwall and her job in London. Strange happenings include a woman dropping dead practically at Tosca’s feet, a famous author’s works showing up under suspicious circumstances, and a creepy collector of rare musical instruments.  Even swimming in the Pacific Ocean and digging for gemstones can be fatal, she finds.

“I found myself turning page after page,” said bestselling author Anne Perry.

“Clever and fun, an engaging read,” agreed bestselling author Anne Cleeland.

“Digging Too Deep,” the first book in the series, introduced Tosca Trevant and her penchant for pithy Cornish cuss-words to readers and the curiosity that led her to solve three deaths.

“Magnificent!” wrote Christopher J. Lynch, bestselling biographer. “A delightful romp. Can’t wait to read about Tosca’s next adventure.”

“Refreshing characters realistically intelligent and pragmatic…an immensely compelling mystery with multiple threads.” Kings River Life magazine.

“Miss Marple in a leather miniskirt,” Suspense magazine.


When I first came to America I lived in Westport, CT then settled on Balboa Island, Newport Beach. I now live in Dana Point,  a small seaside town that reminds me of St. Ives.

I hope you will take a moment to enjoy these pages, and send me an email using the Contact Me button above if you’d like to send a comment.


Meur ras! 

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