Chris Lynch Talks about Writing the Eddie Haskel Biography

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What is your background and when did you start writing books?


I have written for over 30 years, but I never really knew writing until about 8 years ago. To explain, I was caught up in wanting to become rich and famous from my writing – which is the absolute worst reason to want to write. (more…)

MysteryPeople Magazine

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Writing a monthly column for this magazine, based in the UK, while I live across the pond is a challenge because it is read around the globe by crime novelists,  fans, agents, publicists, publishers, and probably the birds and the bees. I enjoy bringing author news and opinions to those who love mysteries, and I thank all those whom I have interviewed for their valuable contributions as to why they write thrillers, where their ideas spring from, and their writing process.  The magazine is chockful of helpful advice, reviews, the latest books, and other industry news.


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Here are some answers to questions readers have about my new mystery:
1. What is your book title?
DIGGING TOO DEEP: A TOSCA TREVANT MYSTERY. This is my debut crime novel, the first in a series. It was published by Mainly Murder Press nine months ago as a paperback and an eBook and available at and Barnes and Noble, as well as at independent bookstores.
2. Where is the book set, and why did you choose it?
The setting is Isabel Island, in Newport Beach bay, CA. (more…)

Writing About Mystery Writing

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I’m writing a monthly article for Mystery People, UK. My first one relates my experiences as the author of a new mystery series. (more…)

Featured in MyCornwall Magazine

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Delighted to read a glowing review of my book, “Digging to Deep,” in the July 26 issue of the Senior Reporter weekly newspaper. I was also featured in My Cornwall magazine, (more…)

A Truly Plucky Guy

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I am more than halfway through writing an autobiography of a brilliant young international triathlete, Dirk Vlieks, who, at the peak of physical fitness, suddenly collapsed during an Ironman race. (more…)

Günther Rall: Luftwaffe Fighter Ace and NATO General

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The Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum has been waiting 50 years for a biographer to tell the Rall story, which chronicles almost a century of his life. (more…)

By Phantoms Duped

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“By Phantoms Duped” (Copyright 2009) is a novel based on the true story of Christina Scott, a leggy wildflower of a girl living a simple life in rural Oregon in 1992. (more…)

Raymond Chandler’s Final Wish

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A disturbed grave. Wrenching separation. An unfulfilled desire. A literary detective’s discovery of a “hidden truth,” the granting of a wish after death, and gin gimlets to finalize the deal. (more…)