Digging Up The Dead – Review

Ever since a royal scandal caused gossip reporter Tosca Trevant to get booted out of London, she has been scrambling to discover the investigative story that will get her assigned to a more legitimate British news outlet. A huge fan of classical noir mysteries, Tosca is thrilled to discover that California’s Isabel Island, where she is temporarily living with her professional race car driving daughter, is also the home of the granddaughter of one of Tosca’s favorite authors. Karma Sanderson is hosting a party commemorating the forty-third anniversary of the death of Fuller Sanderson, and Tosca is delighted to attend. Rumors are swirling around the existence of unpublished manuscripts, and Tosca would love to be the one to break the story in the press.

When Sanderson’s publisher drops dead in the middle of the party, Tosca once again finds herself in the midst of a suspicious death by poison. With the state of publishing in dire straits, there are more than enough suspects who would profit off of the works of the former bestselling author. While Karma’s gardening experience provides her with the means of the murder, Sanderson’s literary agent, the publisher’s editor, and an oddly involved collector all have their own investment in the rumored manuscripts. Tosca’s skills at uncovering tawdry royal secrets more than qualify her to poke into the just as corruptible world of publishing, and she enthusiastically tracks down the source of the poison, as well as the treasure hidden in a thumb drive.

The author delves into many different topics that will prove fascinating to readers. Book lovers will appreciate the exploration of the business side of publishing, from the literary rights to their promotion. Esoteric musical instruments, gardening, and very English tea are also examined, but the real focus falls on classical noir mysteries. Tosca is a delightfully sharp and observant detective, and her reporter skills provide her with an entry into the investigation. A Cornwall native with the gift of wielding creative Cornish explicatives, Tosca relentless pursues her story to its perilous end. Readers should be able to pick up clues laid out by the author early on, but Tosca keeps pace just as swiftly. This second in the series proves to be as rewarding as the first, and we can only hope that Tosca remains exiled in America for many years to come.

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