Fish Out of Water!

Do I really feel like a fish out of water? Attendees of Malice Domestic writers conference April 29-May 1 in Bethesda, MD will find out when, as a panelist, I’ll talk about immigrating to America and the slight culture shock I experienced. So does my amateur sleuth, Tosca Trevant, in my second book in the series, “Digging Up the Dead.” We are both from St. Ives, Cornwall, and we both bemoan the lack of rain in Southern California, as well as the shocking lack of corner teashops. I have assimilated quite well, I believe, but Tosca still grumbles about not needing to carry her brolly (umbrella) every day, and not finding the right ingredients for brewing her home-made mead. One big difference: she is a younger Miss Marple in a leather mini-skirt but just as nosy, while I am a very private person who never meddles. Tosca solves murders. I just write about them.

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