Media Kit

Dana Point, CA August 2015-The sequel to Jill Amadio’s debut crime novel, “Digging Too Deep. A Tosca Trevant Mystery,” will be published in March 2016 by Mainly Murder Press. The second book in the series, “Digging Up the Dead,” features the grumpy Cornishwoman who turns amateur sleuth. She uses her knowledge of music to catch the killer. A gossip columnist covering Buckingham Palace, whose discovery of a scandal sent her on hiatus to California, Tosca manages to beat the local cops at their own game. Her home-brewed mead is not as successful and her Cornish cuss words confuse all and sundry..

As in her first investigation, Tosca teams up with retired U.S. Secret Service Agent Thatch MacAuley, who lives on a cliff in the Upper Back Bay of Newport Beach. His hobby of geology comes to Tosca’s aid when they go digging into mineral mines. The pair solve their murders on idyllic Isabel Island, while J.J., Tosca’s race-car driver daughter, adds her two cents, and Christina, the Agent’s mentally-disabled daughter, shows her own touches of brilliance.