Here are some answers to questions readers have about my new mystery:
1. What is your book title?
DIGGING TOO DEEP: A TOSCA TREVANT MYSTERY. This is my debut crime novel, the first in a series. It was published by Mainly Murder Press nine months ago as a paperback and an eBook and available at and Barnes and Noble, as well as at independent bookstores.
2. Where is the book set, and why did you choose it?
The setting is Isabel Island, in Newport Beach bay, CA.

The name is fictional; the real island is called Balboa, where I lived for 12 years. I love its quaint, village-type atmosphere. It is a very safe, crime-free island and I decided to wake up the residents with a murder or two. The location includes landmarks such as the University of California, Irvine; the ritzy Newport Beach sports club, the Anza-Borrego desert, and other Orange County, CA sites. The action even goes into Mexico. I plan to send Tosca to St. Ives, Cornwall, her birthplace and where I spent my childhood, in one of the future books.
3. Who is your main character?
Tosca Trevant. She is irrepressible, funny, stubborn and shrewd. She knows how and when to cuss in the Cornish language. She has been banished to the colonies (Newport Beach) because in her job as a reporter as well as the writer of a column called “Tiara Tittle-Tattle” she discovered a scandal at Buckingham Palace. She was rather rudely hustled out of England on a year-long sabbatical and is currently staying with her race-car driver daughter on the island.
4. What makes her character memorable?
She is a younger Miss Marple whose tenacity brings a murderer to justice. She keeps her rain boots at the door in her sunny California home, and brews medieval mead she thrusts upon reluctant neighbors
5. Does she have a side-kick?
Yes. Thatch MacAuley. He is a retired U.S. Secret Service agent and an amateur geologist. The two sleuth together when a clue is discovered in an Arnold Schoenberg music composition.
6. What was your inspiration for the book?
I had ghostwritten a crime novel for a client and created a series character but the client did not want to continue with a second book. However, I discovered I enjoyed the genre and began writing my own mystery. I have come up with ideas for four more books in the series.
7. What is your background?
I have been a newspaper reporter all my life, beginning in London, UK; Madrid, Spain; Bogota, Colombia; Bangkok, Thailand, and finally for several newspapers and magazines in the U.S. when I came to live here. I have written for the L.A. Times, Conde Nast Publications, Asian Symphony, and many others. I was also an investigative reporter, a theater critic, and travel editor. I currently write a column for Mystery People online magazine, and was profiled in MyCornwall magazine. I have published several biographies including the bestseller, “Gunther Rall: Luftwaffe Ace and NTO General.”
8. Is the book written in first-person?
No. I wanted to get inside the head of the murderer to show his thinking and plotting. Other points of view are of Thatch and a local detective but the major part of the book reflects Tosca.

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