Writing About Mystery Writing

I’m writing a monthly article for Mystery People, UK. My first one relates my experiences as the author of a new mystery series.

The book title is “Digging Too Deep: A Tosca Trevant Mystery,” and features a Cornishwoman whose gossip column, Tiara Title-Tattle, runs in a London tabloid. Tosca discovers a scandal at Buckingham Palace and is rather rudely hustled out of England for a year or so, until the royal family cools down. Tosca arrives in ritzy Newport Beach where her race car driver daughter, J.J., is living. Death soon rears its ugly head when Tosca, appalled at the weeds in a neighbor’s garden, discovers human remains. The resultant cat-and-mouse game keeps the reader on their toes in a fast-paced puzzle that she and her sidekick, retired Secret Service agent Thatch, soon figure out.

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